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Your laughter fuels Seth Rollins

At this point, it should be absolutely no surprise when Seth Rollins takes an unabashedly pro-WWE position when discussing criticism of the company’s product.

It’s understandable - you never want to bite the hand that feeds you. But when others demonstrate a more diplomatic way to handle the same subject, you have to wonder if Rollins isn’t saying these things just to get fans to react. Now that he’s a heel, it would make sense.

Anyway, this interview clip shared by WWE’s UK television partner is our latest example. Overall, there’s not much worth noting from his answer. It’s good to hear that everyone involved in creating Raw and SmackDown love wrestling and work hard. But BT Sport’s social media person knew what they were doing including the second quote in their Tweet...

I’d prefer if WWE listened to the issues their most loyal fans raise and tried to address them. But hey, at least they’re doing something with our feedback.

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