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Sonya Deville knows she’s destined for Raw Underground

Shayna Baszler showed up in Raw Underground this past Monday (Aug. 10) to lock eyes with Dabba-Kato and then throw around three women en route to a tapout win. So that’s one name we can cross off our wish list for Shane McMahon’s worked-shoot playground.

Who should we replace her with on our fantasy booking sheet? Well, another WWE Superstar with a background in mixed martial arts just volunteered her name. And in her interview with Sportskeeda, SmackDown’s Sonya Deville even suggested a showdown with Baszler:

“I know I’ll end up over there. It’ll probably end up being me versus Shayna [Baszler] in [Raw] Underground one of these days and I’d happily give her a little TKO action.”

A trip to Shane’s club isn’t high on Deville’s list, though. She’s got unfinished business with Mandy Rose, of course. And she’s got more tangible goals:

“Listen, I’ll face anybody any time, but I’m going after championship gold. So if I have time in my very, very busy and productive schedule to squeeze Shayna in, sure.”

Look, you know I’m in. The only thing I’d add is we need to give Deville time to cut a promo a la MVP while she’s down there.

You down?

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