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Lana & Rusev are also too sexy for Instagram

A couple of weeks ago, full-time content creator Miro (fka Rusev) was temporarily banned from Twitch. He said it was because he was too sexy for the streaming platform; fans speculated it might have been his lovely wife CJ “Lana” Perry who caught the eye of a particularly puritanical moderator.

It remains one of the great mysteries of our time.

There’s little doubt who’s to blame for their latest run in with the social media censors. Sure, Miro’s complicit. But it’s clear Lana is the habitual line-stepper.

Instagram yanked a recent post promoting her YouTube video celebrating the couple’s four year wedding anniversary. She reacted by... playing the Bulgaria card? Lana does make some good points about what the Facebook-owned platform allows and what it doesn’t.

Twitter did not have a problem with the same content. Here’s the not banned version (and let me save you horndogs a click... the link takes you to RuRu & the Ravishing Russian smashing a seafood boil, not each other. It’s not a bad video. They’re a charming couple. But it’s food porn, not the other kind).

Where will these two get banned from next? And will you ever look at Rusev’s WrestleMania 31 entrance the same way again?

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