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Erick Rowan reveals the original plan WWE had for what was in his cage

In late 2019 and into early 2020, I was left utterly fascinated and thoroughly entertained by the story WWE was telling with Erick Rowan and the mystery contents of the cage he carried around everywhere. I knew the payoff would be terrible, and ultimately I was proven correct.

The reality is the payoff was always going to be terrible.

The man himself, now going by his awesome new name, told Sportskeeda the original idea WWE had for him:

“Originally it was pitched that it would be a rodent or a rat and it was going to be killed by the babyface Champion to show that I had cared about something and that babyface turned heel, so that didn’t work. Well ok, then I asked them what is it now, then they just kept extending it, extending it and extending it.”

His idea was to get a bigger cage and put a small actress from American Horror Story in it with the idea that he was protecting her. That’s pretty far out there for WWE programming, but this is the same promotion that promoted a match where the winner would have to take the other guy’s eyeball out of his head.

Yeah, there was no winning here.

The full interview is worth your time:

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