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What Randy Orton said to Ric Flair before punting him in the head

One of the many great things about the angle WWE did between Randy Orton & Ric Flair on the Aug. 10 Raw was showing the care Orton took during his physical attack on Flair.

It’s been a staple of Orton’s 2020 heel run overall. Post-low blow, pre-punt, The Viper shows us his actions aren’t driven by hate, motivated by revenge, or any of the reasons we typically see in pro wrestling attacks and betrayals. Even when he says he doesn’t, he cares about the legends he’s killing. The result is even more tragic for the victim, and makes Randy’s actions even more ruthless & contemptible.

WWE’s driving the point home with this video from Monday night, adding subtitles so we now know exactly what Orton said to his mentor.

“It is all gonna be over soon. I promise you, Ric. I promise you. Thank you for everything you have done for me, Ric.”

Probably wasn’t necessary - most of us got the point just from the visual, especially Orton slowly lowering Naitch to the mat after the crotch shot. But subtlety isn’t really WWE’s thing, and this doesn’t detract from an amazing segment.


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