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WWE Raw viewership holds steady this week

There was added curiosity surrounding how this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw would do in viewership considering Raw Underground was introduced last week. The short answer is there was increased interest at the start, with a boost in overall viewers so minor it’s hardly worth making note of.

This week’s show drew 1.72 million viewers up from 1.71 million last week. The hourly breakdown shows the interest at the top and how it gradually waned as the evening wore on:

Hour one: 1.81 million
Hour two: 1.75 million
Hour three: 1.60 million

The Wrestling Observer did have some sobering numbers to add, however:

Raw had split messages this week as viewers increased 7,000 from last week to 1.72 million, but 18-49 was down eight percent to 0.47, the latter being the third lowest number in the history of the show.

It’s not all bad, but it’s not all good either. There’s room for improvement and we’re still early into the Raw Underground idea.

We’ll see how the trends go.

Get the full live blog from this week’s show here, a recap of all the night’s events here, and highlights from the show here.

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