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Ken Shamrock offers his services to Raw Underground

The former Intercontinental champ knows a thing or two about worked shoots.

World Grand Prix Semi-Finals: Vetell v Nelson Photo by Ross Dettman/Getty Images for IFL

Pro wrestling fans know him from his Attitude Era run with WWE, or his stints with TNA/Impact this century, but Ken Shamrock has competed in just about every kind of combat sports company that’s existed over his 30+ year career.

So when he offers his services booking your new “fight club” concept, maybe you should take him off on his offer?

Personally, I’m warming to Raw Underground. If there’s something I’d improve, it’s more story and direction than the fighting. But WWE knows they’re not going to get another famous mixed martial artist/pro wrestler to help out - he’s focused on his own version of the idea. So why not enlist Ken?

He’s not in it for personal glory...

And you can’t argue with his motives...

Give the man a call, Shane!

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