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Mickie James returned to help establish Lana & Natalya’s new act

Late in the day yesterday (Aug. 10), WWE announced Mickie James would on Raw for the first time in over a year.

She returned for the above backstage interview with Sarah Schreiber, but barely managed to get out a generic statement about being a locker room leader and having her eye on winning another championship when she was interrupted by Lana & Natalya.

We haven’t seen that duo since June, but here they were - in matching dresses no less. They’d started an alliance while feuding with Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan, but that pair started a rivalry with IIconics in Lana & Nat’s absence, so...

Lana seems to be serving as Natalya’s social media manager. The duo shame James for not having a TikTok, come up with a new hashtag to promote Nattie as WWE’s version of Serena Williams, and generally make it very easy to dislike them.

Will Mickie be able to shut them up? We’ll find out when she goes one-on-one with the #BOAT next Monday.

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