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Raw Underground gave us Shayna Baszler taking out 3 women, but no answers

Week two of Shane McMahon’s Raw Underground was pretty fun.

Former 24/7 champ Riddick Moss showed up and fought dirty to pick up a win over Cal Bloom.

Arturo Ruas (who I just assumed had been released with the other Brazilians in NXT) showed off his amateur wrestling background. His win was so impressive Shane O’Mac couldn’t convince any other men to step to him.

Dabbo-Kato was back, this time beating a man with pincer-like maneuver to try and twist his privates off.

And last but not least, Shayna Baszler got a chance to show off in the no ropes, very little rules environment. First she stepped to Dabbo, but “no intergender” is apparently one of the rules. Then, when the women of Underground were hesitant, the Queen of Spades went and picked one herself by forearming her in the head.

That bout turned into a three-on-one with every other woman in the Underground...

... but that was no problem for Shayna. A punch, a slam, and a kick, and that was all she wrote.

A well-rounded second effort for Raw Underground, but nothing remotely resembling a storyline explanation for why it exists, what you have to do to or get for fighting there, etc.

Maybe next week? As long as the fights are fun, maybe it doesn’t matter?

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