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Dominik Mysterio signs his WWE contract, and Seth Rollins makes him pay for it

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The Aug. 10 Raw opened with Samoa Joe presiding over some business between SummerSlam opponents Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio.

The Monday Night Messiah did his best to punk out young Mysterio, and Joe & Dominik responded by pointing out how much of a hypocrite Rollins - and how hypocritical his entire Greater Good crusade - is.

It was a strong segment, showcasing how much the WWE Universe’s rejection of his babyface WWE championship run still stings. It also goaded Seth into doing Rey’s son the “favor” of allowing Dominik to use his beloved kendo stick, or any weapon, in their match on Sun., Aug. 23.

Before he could sign the match contract, Dom also needed to officially ink a WWE deal. At least one Mysterio is committed to working for Vince McMahon...

Rey has a heck of an incentive to return now, though. After beating Humberto Carrillo in a match where Dominik tried to even the odds by taking out Rollins’ disciple Murphy, The Greater Good took it to Dom. A beating administered while Mysterio was tied up in the ropes, that involved multiple kendo sticks used by both Seth & Murphy, ended with the newly signed Superstar a bloody, bruised mess in the middle of the ring.

This was uncomfortable to watch, but definitely turned up the heat for Rollins vs. Mysterio at SummerSlam.

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UPDATE: We’ve got more pics of the damage did to Dominik here. And... damn.

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