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Bianca Belair went to Zelina Vega’s house and beat her up on Twitch

If there’s one thing Bianca Belair’s learned since getting moved to the Raw roster at WrestleMania 36, it’s not to take TV time for granted. Sure, she started an angle last Monday when she confronted Zelina Vega about Montez Ford being drugged before his scheduled match with Andrade. But who knows if WWE creative will follow-up, or how long they’ll stay interested in the story?

So why not do something on your own? At worst, you’ve popped your online fans. At best, you create a little buzz that ensures they make time for the story on Raw.

Over the weekend, Belair and Vega conspired to do a spot where The EST showed up at Zelina Vega*’s house while she was doing a Twitch Stream and whooped a little ass.

Works for me. I especially like how Belair messed everything up so badly it froze Kayla Braxton’s stream while she was making her shocked face.

Here’s hoping we got some follow-up on Raw in a few hours. Join us in our live blog to find out.

* Vega’s real name is Thea Trinidad... thus the “Yo T, what’s good?” line before the takedown.

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