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The wrestling world mourns the death of James ‘Kamala’ Harris

Yesterday, the wrestling world learned that former WWE and Mid-South legend James Harris - who worked as Sugar Bear Harris before adopting his best known gimmick of Kamala the Ugandan Headhunter - had died at age 70.

ESPN’s Jason King reported Harris died after suffering cardiac arrest, days after being diagnosed with and hospitalized for COVID-19. of heart failure. Harris’ wife believes he contracted the coronavirus while making required weekly visits to a dialysis center. The Mississippian dealt with numerous health issues, including diabetes.

Professionally, the 6’7”, 350+ pound Harris was as well-loved by the boys & girls in the back as he was awe-inspiring to the fans in the seats. He was most famous for a 1980s run challenging Hulk Hogan for the then-WWF title, and a return in the 1990s to work with Undertaker. Kamala last worked with WWE in 2006, and retired in 2010. In retirement, as his health allowed, he continued a singing & songwriting career he’d begun in the early 90s.

Remembrances & farewells have flooded social media since news of his death was confirmed last night.

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