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The SmackDown hacker might be back

There was an obvious takeaway from the latest electric scene in the Mandy Rose/Sonya Deville feud on SmackDown last night (July 31). We could be getting a hair vs. hair match from WWE for the first time in a long time.

A less obvious one? Maybe that anonymous hacker angle isn’t as dead as we thought it was.

Exhibit A (which also includes a stiff-looking Deville elbow and great sell by Mandy):

Exhibit B:

Nothing new from “The Message” Twitter account, which hasn’t been updated since May 28. But maybe that died with plans to involve Mustafa Ali or make us think he was involved.

What makes the return of glitches during Deville’s attack on Rose interesting is their program is still the only one that’s actually involved the hacker. It was their reveal of Sonya sabotaging Mandy & Otis’ first date that ended Fire & Desire and kicked off their rivalry.

I’ve honestly no idea where the hacker would fit in the story now - everyone’s motivations are pretty much out in the open, so there’s no truth to be revealed. Could this just be a coincidence? Is WWE just messing with us?

Let us know what you think, fellow overthinkers and amateur sleuths.

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