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Tony Khan is marking out over AEW’s ratings success

From the outset in October 2019, AEW Dynamite has pretty much dominated NXT in ratings for the 18-to-49-year-old demographic. Dynamite used to dominate in total viewership as well, but NXT has beaten them there over the last three weeks. When these metrics have conflicting winners, it leads to a situation where Chris Jericho and Sasha Banks can each claim victory for their respective brand.

I’m not here to tell you which number you should pay more attention to. I mean, why should I go to those lengths when I can just sit back and let Tony Khan do all the work himself?

Shortly after this week’s (July 8) ratings and viewership data was released, AEW’s leader took to Twitter to explain that his promotion is driving revenue and winning the game:

He’s using analytics, too! Are we sure he isn’t trying to imitate NXT’s Robert Stone?

I enjoy AEW’s product, and I am happy that they are doing well. But doesn’t it seem a bit tacky that their top executive and top star brag about ratings on Twitter and feel the need to explain to you why they are these super awesome winners in the business world? There is a way to celebrate and be happy about your hard work paying off without resorting to a big lecture explaining why you are a winner who is really good at winning in the numbers that actually win.

Apparently it’s not Khan’s intention to come off as a braggart; he’s just so thrilled and grateful with AEW’s success that he can’t help but tweet and celebrate with a little bit of the bubbly.

He makes sure to tell you that he’s actually drinking Jericho’s wine brand, meaning it’s not just a figurative nod to the catchphrase. I wonder if he paid full price.

How do you feel about Tony Khan marking out for his own product like this?

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