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The Miz isn’t done beating up Daniel Bryan

The Miz’ lengthy rivalry with Daniel Bryan stretches back a decade to when Bryan was his NXT “rookie”. Of course the concept was immediately absurd, because Bryan was one of the greatest wrestlers in the world by 2010, and Miz was nowhere near his level as a performer.

By 2016, Bryan was retired from in-ring competition, and Miz cut an impassioned promo on him during Talking Smack that fueled hopes of a Bryan comeback.

Bryan did eventually return to the ring in 2018, and he did feud with the Miz later in the year. This included Miz beating Bryan at SummerSlam, and Bryan beating Miz in less than three minutes in Australia at Super Show-Down.

Given the rich history between these two men, it’s no surprise that Miz is itching for more. While promoting his new show Cannonball, Miz told Sports Illustrated that he hopes to team up with John Morrison to take on Bryan and Drew Gulak at SummerSlam 2020:

“Any time I get to beat up Daniel Bryan, it’s one of my favorite things to do in WWE. And any time I get to beat up a person that envies Daniel Bryan, that’s also one of my favorite things, too.”

As far as wrestling during a global pandemic is concerned, Miz is a company man all the way through:

“I feel safe every time I walk into the PC. WWE is really looking out for us. Everyone is getting tested, they’re doing their due diligence. WWE is giving people entertainment. People need entertainment right now, some fun, and that’s what we’re giving them every week.”

A generic corporate executive couldn’t have said it any better. It’s worth nothing that while WWE is finally testing everybody at the Performance Center now, the lack of testing was a glaring problem as recently as one month ago. And the Miz showing up sick at the Performance Center was reportedly at the center of an incident around WrestleMania 36 that was related to Roman Reigns pulling himself off the card.

Moving on from that, Miz makes it clear that he hopes to help John Morrison become WWE champion.

“John will be WWE Champion, and it’s my goal to get him there. He would be an outstanding WWE Champion. Some of the stuff he can do is incredible, he’s so entertaining. He’s a friend that has my back, and I have his, too...I’ve never had more fun in my life. John really pushes me to do things I’m normally not as comfortable doing.”

John Morrison in the WWE championship scene sounds like a good idea to me.

Are you on board with Miz’s goals of beating Daniel Bryan up again at SummerSlam, as well as helping John Morrison achieve singles gold in WWE?

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