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Booker T responds to Sasha Banks’ trash talk on Harlem Heat

Earlier this week, Sasha Banks responded to Booker T’s evaluation of Bayley by saying that the Role Models are better than Harlem Heat.

Booker T has now responded to Banks on The Hall of Fame podcast by saying that she and Bayley are nowhere near as great as Harlem Heat:

“I put her over. I put Bayley over too...I said, look Bayley is not great at any one thing, but she’s good at everything. If that’s not a compliment, I don’t know what is. Maybe they’re feeling a certain way about themselves right now because they got gold around their waist.”

“Sasha, Bayley, great tag team. But as far as those two being anywhere near as great as Hall of Fame tag team, 10-time World tag team champions, set the record, along with the greatest manager in the history of the game, Sister Sherri Martel...I don’t know too many people that wanted to run up on Harlem Heat.”

“Sasha, Bayley, congratulations on your success. Keep doing what you do. Hopefully you won’t post any more tweets about me, or anything like that.”

I think this is a case where everybody is right.

Sasha and Bayley are heels with championships, who of course are going to declare themselves better than everybody else. That’s what obnoxious heels do, especially when they are super talented and swimming in gold.

Booker T is right that Bayley and Banks’ body of work as a tag team doesn’t measure up to Harlem Heat. Harlem Heat is one of the most decorated tag teams in wrestling history, whereas women’s tag team wrestling in WWE hasn’t even had a championship belt in existence for two full years at this point.

But if I were Booker T, I would back off at this point. After all, Sasha Banks might just channel her inner Undertaker the next time he crosses her:

You know what? Sasha is better than Bayley’s friend Taker, too.

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