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Edge’s wish list of matches is a smark’s dream come true

Edge was interviewed on Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg, where he offered a list of current WWE wrestlers who he would love to get in the ring with in the future. His wish list sounds like a smark’s dream come true:

“There’s Rollins, that’s a gimme. There’s AJ Styles, who I’ve never worked...A guy like Cesaro, a guy like Shinsuke. Matt Riddle. I look at a guy like Ricochet. Oh my God, I would die to get in there with him.”

Yes to all of this, please. As a huge fan of Edge’s previous work in WWE, when I heard he was returning in 2020, I was hoping to see fresh new matches like the ones listed above. Instead, WWE has given us an extended feud with Randy Orton that should logically include a third match based on the story, whenever Edge returns from triceps surgery.

I don’t know how much sway Edge will have in choosing his opponents once he moves on from Randy, but hopefully his input will have significant influence. Though it’s really hard to see Vince McMahon ever pairing him up for a proper feud with Ricochet, Cesaro, or even Shinsuke Nakamura.

As far as that triceps injury is concerned, you can put to rest any worries that this injury might be the end of his return to pro wrestling:

“No, no. Are you kidding? I’ve torn my Achilles. This is just a minor pebble in the road.”

With that in mind, Edge also explained how long he wants to stick around for this final chapter of his wrestling career:

“I don’t want to stick around past the point where I can’t pull off the kind of match I did at Backlash. And sometimes we don’t know when that is, so I’m depending on Beth [Phoenix] for that, honestly. I don’t want to get to a point where I embarrass myself. I also don’t want to get to a point where a young guy looks at the sheet and goes, ‘Man, that’s gonna be some work.’ I want them to be able to look forward to it and go, ‘Man, this should be fun.’”

Edge clarified that he has nothing against performers who only wrestle five minute matches, it’s just not his style, and that’s not who he is as a wrestler.

This was a pretty refreshing interview with Edge and provides some hope for more great work from him once the Orton feud wraps up.

Which wrestlers do you want to see Edge mix it up with in a WWE ring?

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