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Chris Jericho & Tony Khan take credit for the ‘Eye for an Eye match’

On Monday’s Raw, WWE announced that Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio would meet in an “Eye for an Eye” match at Extreme Rules. Yesterday (July 7), AEW’s biggest star and President pointed out they did it first.

Of course, AEW’s was just metaphorical. Jon Moxley & Santana had already done eye violence to one another; they were having a wrestling match to settle the score. There was some eye-focused offense during said match, but Mox won by pinfall. Both men’s eyeballs remain in their faces to this day.

WWE is going full blood and guts. The company says Mysterio & Rollins’ match on Sun., July 19 won’t be settled until somebody loses an eye.

Did Chris Jericho or Tony Khan think that one up? I don’t think so, pal?

When we theorized Vince McMahon needed competition to bring out the best in WWE, this isn’t what we had in mind.

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