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WWE NXT results, live blog (July 8, 2020): Great American Bash night two

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight: Keith Lee vs. Adam Cole with both the NXT and North American titles on the line - and the result might have been spoiled... that’ll put butts in seats! Plus, Candice LeRae & Mia Yim look to settle their issues in a Street Fight, Drake Maverick teams with Breezango for a trios match against El Legado del Fantasma, Johnny Gargano vs. Swerve Scott, Mercedes Martinez in action, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)

Enjoy the show!


A video package bringing us to speed on the back story for tonight’s matches starts, then Tom Phillips welcomes us to night two of Great American Bash. He kicks it to Mauro Ranallo and Beth Phoenix as the Street Fight combatants enter.

Candice LeRae vs. Mia Yim

Yim attacks Candice from behind on the stage. She throws LeRae and some plunder into the ring. Mia lights her up with kendo stick shots, then heads outside to get the tables. She slides that into the ring, which give the Poison Pixie time to get to her feet and drop kick Yim off the apron. She leans the table in a corner and gathers the HBIC. They brawl and tease putting each other through it before the action spills to the floor with Mia in control... until she’s whipped face first into a ring post, that is. LeRae pulls her chest first into the post a couple times, but then Yim gets a boot up to reverse. They battle outside, and end up near the exit and a catering table. Food stuffs are thrown, a fire extinguisher is used, and they end up on an elevated area. A dropkick from Mia sends LeRae crashing through the catering table as we head to our first picture-in-picture commercials.

The HBIC is... in charge as they work back to the ring on the small screen. She traps LeRae in a chair and uses the kendo stick, but when the ads are over Candice sends Yim face first into a chair with a drop toe hold. Mrs. Gargano clubbers her opponent, and drives a chair into what Beth tells us are Mia’s injured ribs. LeRae heads under the ring for more chairs. She gets a pile of them in the middle of the ring, and positions the table across the top turnbuckle. Yim recovers and reverses a suplex, and follows that with a head kick. Strikes from Mia, a clothesline puts Candice in a corner. She puts a garbage can on LeRae and hits it with a boot, then a cannonball. Matchbook cover gets two.

Yim pulls out some brass knuckles! But when she swings, LeRae gets a chair up so Mia busts her hand! Candice goes to climb the corner with the table, but Yim catches up. They brawl up there, and the Poison Pixie gets the knucks. She connects with a shot, then hits the swinging neckbreaker off the table onto the pile of chairs!

Candice LeRae def. Mia Yim via pinfall

Both women are down as we kick it to a video of Hall of Famer Mark Henry picking Keith Lee in the main. We go to commercials, but keep the small screen focused on Johnny Gargano going to collect his wife, and mocking Mia on their way out. Yim gets back to her feet for an ovation from the Performance Center crowd.

We get some backstory on our next match (a scene after a Leon Ruff squash that I’d honestly forgot), then here comes Auzilla.

Bronson Reed vs. Tony Nese

The Premiere Athlete does some ab based taunts, then gets thrown into the corner. Reed grounds Nese with one arm. A shoulder block gets him free, then he uses his speed advantage to stay out of harms way... until he gets shoved to the floor while doing some jumping jacks. He’s flattened with a senton, then rolls outside to try and stay alive. He heels himself into the driver’s seat and targets Bronson’s knee. He gets a nearfall off an inside cradle and lays in some strikes. Reed fights back into it, but gets jabbed in the throat and snapped neck first on the ropes. Springboard moonsault gets two. Reed powers back with a clothesline. Diving splash off the top crushes the former Cruiserweight champ.

Bronson Reed def. Tony Nese via pinfall

A video package on Mercedes Martinez, then Robert Stone is hyping his big announcement to McKenzie Mitchell. He pitches Shotzi Blackheart on joining his brand, but she says she’s a loner. An outraged Stone throws his coffee over his shoulder, which hits Killian Dain! Dain flattens Stone, and Blackheart runs over his foot with her tank. Bob acts like he’s dying as we go to commercial.

On the small screen, we see Aliyah getting him free, and Undisputed ERA making their way into the building. Entrances for our next match start there, too.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Johnny Gargano

They start with grappling, and lots of cocky heeling from Johnny. Swerve is a match for Gargano though, and when things speed up we get another standoff. Scott lands on his feet on a headscissor takeover, and after they counter each other there, Isaiah takes charge with a sequence that ends with a Fosbery Flop as we go to break.

Johnny has gained control by the time we make it back, and keeps it until eating a right hand. They start going back and forth and Johnny gets two on a slingshot spear. Quick paced back and forth action continues, with the highlight being Scott nailing the House Call kick. Johnny catches his next kick and applies the STF. Scott gets free and picks up a big near fall on the JML Driver.

Swerve kicks Gargano off the apron, but misses with a follow-up leap. Johnny whips Scott into the post, and spikes him with a poison rana on the floor. He puts Isaiah in, then slowly follows. The One Final Beat DDT ends it.

Johnny Gargano def. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott via pinfall

Hype piece on the upcoming Tegan Nox vs. Io Shirai Women’s title match. Nox puts over how similar their journeys have been, but the champ says they’re not the same, and next week she’ll end Tegan’s comeback. That match is next week.

We see Lee getting ready, and get a tale of the tape for the main. Then it’s time for trios!

Legado Del Fantasma vs. Breezango & Drake Maverick

Tyler Breeze & Fandango have a lucha cowboy entrance planned, but Drake is too pissed and charges the ring to get at Santos Escobar. It also takes a long time to get Maverick under control in the ring, too. But the Fashion Police work together to keep Joaquin Wilde in their corner. It doesn’t last as things go back and forth rapidly (as they are wont to do in lucha-inspired six-man action). After Dango throws Maverick onto the assembled heels and follows with a dive, he’s isolated outside. The trio bring him back in, and Wilde & Raul Mendoza take turns working him over, targeting his injured leg. Escobar tags himself in when things look to be well in hand, but when Fandango shows signs of life, Mendoza is tagged back in.

Face in peril continues, but Dango eventually gets to the corner and Drake comes in HOT! He flattens Escobar with forearms, but when he goes to cover Wilde & Mendoza storm the ring. Breezango takes care of them, but when Maverick climbs to finish the champ, Santos crotches him. Phantom Driver ends it.

Legado Del Fantasma def. Breezango & Drake Maverick via pinfall (Santos Escobar on Drake Maverick)

Mitchell interviews the Garganos. They’re psyched about their wins tonight, and talk themselves up as the best couple in the world. But Johnny gets to thinking that he’d be challenging Adam Cole tonight if it weren’t for Finn Balor. Candice realizes they both have plenty of wrongs to right. They head off to set off some fireworks of their own.

After a Superstar Profile on the tag champs Imperium, it’s Drew McIntyre’s time to give his pick for the main. The WWE champ takes the NXT champ to become a champ-champ.

Santana Garrett vs. Mercedes Martinez

Martinez enters to boos, and wearing a big collared cape that screams “evil”. She’s in control immediately, and after Garrett gets in her carthwheel back elbow spot, Mercedes boots her to the mat. Ground and pound. Santana fights off a suplex and lands some strikes, but then gets leveled with a clothesline. Fisherman Buster ends it.

Mercedes Martinez def. Santana Garrett via pinfall

Damian Priest cuts a promo on his history with Cameron Grimes. Next week they’ve got another match, and when it’s done everyone is gonna know that Grimes is a little bitch.

Mick Foley says if Lee can end things quickly, he’ll win. But if Cole survives for ten minutes, he’ll win. Shawn Michaels picks Cole, unless he picks Lee.

After a reminder of next week’s matches, we see The Limitless One start his entrance backstage. Mauro tells us Lee is dedicating this match to his trainer Tim Brooks and the woman who introduced him to wrestling, his late grandmother. The Panama City Playboy enters alone.

Keith Lee vs. Adam Cole

After introductions and a title holding staredown, we’re off. Cole tries to control the bigger man with a headlock, but that doesn’t work and Lee gets a knuckle lock on and won’t let go. A forearm gets the NXT champ free, but the North American champ catches a bicycle kick and sends Cole to the outside. Keith talks some trash about how he put Gargano through the plexiglass a couple weeks ago, then he charges Cole, but Cole sidesteps and Lee crashes through the barricade!

TUE’s leader works over Lee, rolling in whenever the count approaches ten. He gets Keith in too, then puts him down with neckbreakers, forearms and a switch kick. A cover only gets one. Cole with a triangle leg lock on Lee’s head. Keith punches out but he’s still down. The NXT champ taunts Lee about how he’ll never win the big one, which inspires the comeback. That leads to sequence that ends with a big scoop slam for two. Grizzly Magnum in the corner collapses Cole to the mat. Lee says “I must break him” and starts to climb, but Cole catches him with a leg kick. Backstabber from the second rope! One, two, no!

The Panama City Playboy tries to climb, but he gets caught and sent to the apron with a forearm. Deadlift superplex from the middle rope by The Moment Maker! But Cole kicks out at two! Cole slips through Lee’s legs, hits an enziguri and lines up for the Last Shot... but Keith catches him. Spirit Bomb! But Cole grabs the bottom rope! The NXT champ rolls out to regroup, and nails Lee in the head with a kick when he reaches for him. Back in, POUNCE from Cole! One hand spinebuster, cover, no! A smiling North American champ climbs to the second rope, then connects with a moonsault, but that can’t end it either!

Lee up first, and lifts Cole up by his hair. He sets up for Big Bang Catastrophe, but Cole slips through. Two superkicks, and one to the midsection, sets up Last Shot! But Lee kicks out! He lines up for another one, but takes too much time talking trash and runs right into a lariat that turns him inside out. He lands on his neck but somehow gets up. Kick to the gut, Panama Sunrise! But it only gets two!

Three superkicks to the head of a kneeling Lee can only get another nearfall. Cole lowers the knee pad and hits another Last Shot! Rather than go for the cover, the NXT champ climbs. He sits and waits for Keith to rise, taunting as he climbs. He leaps for another Panama Sunrise, but Lee catches him for a Spirit Bomb. Big Bang Catastrophe!

Keith Lee def. Adam Cole via pinfall to retain the North American title and win the NXT title

Confetti and pyro for the champ champ, as Karrion Kross and Scarlett watch from the rafters.

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