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This Ruby Riott/Liv Morgan story is getting interesting

The Riott Squad broke up some time ago, and Ruby, the leader of said squad, ended up on the shelf dealing with injuries right after the split. Upon her return, she immediately went after Liv Morgan, who has been the most successful, or at least the most visible, of the Squad since that time. She came up short in that back-and-forth.

Since then, however, both she and Liv haven’t had much luck, toiling in the women’s division not seeing much success.

Cue the idea of a reconciliation, which seems to be on Ruby’s mind but Liv isn’t buying what she’s selling. It’s a fairly simple story, but it works if told well and Riott is doing as much as she can to give it some real depth:

“A lot of people are saying that I dumped Liv. That’s not it. I was gone for 10 months and when I left, I was the leader for the Riott Squad. Then when I was gone, I saw Liv flourishing. She was thriving, she was becoming her own woman, and I didn’t think she needed me anymore. That made me mad, and sometimes I fight with my fists and not my feelings.

“And then when she beat me, I guess I realized that maybe she didn’t even really need me at all. Ever since then I’ve kind of been down on my luck. I haven’t managed to secure a win since I’ve come back. I don’t know, it’s complicated. I can’t… I’ve been trying to get ahold of her to talk but I can’t.”

There’s a lot of potential here. Let’s hope WWE keeps with this and sees it through. After all, the women’s division could use another tag team.

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