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Asuka hit Bayley so hard she scared herself

The champion vs. champion main event of the July 6 Raw didn’t disappoint, at least not yours truly.

SmackDown Women’t champ Bayley and Raw Women’s champ Asuka went at it for more than 20 minutes, working with Sasha Banks & Nikki Cross to advance 2+ feuds (it’s debatable whether next week’s Kabuki Warriors vs. Role Models WWE Women’s title match is its own program, or part of Banks & Asuka’s). They played their characters to the hilt while telling a complete story that’s also a chapter in several longer ones. And they did it all while beating the crap out of each other.

For evidence of that last bit, I present this:

Check out slow-mo of the live angle:

It’s Asuka’s reaction that stands out to me the most on repeat viewings.

She immediately knows she tagged her.

There don’t seem to have been any hard feelings. You could tell Asuka made sure to check on Bayley before they continued. There were stiff-looking shots throughout, but these are pros we’re talking about here.

Amazingly, Dos Straps not only wasn’t injured (initially I was thinking black eye minimum, with a decent chance for a concussion and/or broken cheekbone) - she doesn’t even appear to have a bruise in her fallout interview.

These are some badass chicas.

More please.

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