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Heath Slater returns on Raw

WWE on Twitter

Drew McIntyre kicked off tonight’s (July 6) episode of Raw by calling out Dolph Ziggler to reveal the stipulation for their WWE championship match at Extreme Rules 2020.

Out came Ziggler, who said the stipulation is a secret, because keeping Drew in the dark as long as possible can only benefit Dolph.

Ziggler moved the conversation towards the fact that McIntyre never showed appreciation for how much help Dolph gave him while they were tagging on Raw a couple years ago. And there are other people who assisted Drew throughout his career, who the champ simply kicked to the curb when he reached the top of the mountain.

That brought out Heath Slater wearing a “Free agent” shirt, who got right in Drew’s face. He implied that Drew did nothing to help him keep his job when he was part of WWE’s talent releases in April. It’s not a gimmick when Slater says he needs this job for his kids, but Drew conveniently forgot about his longtime friend when times got tough for Heath.

Slater slapped Drew in the face and demanded a match, where he was squashed in seconds with a Claymore. Ziggler attacked Slater afterwards, so Drew returned to the ring and chased Dolph away.

The segment ended with Slater and McIntyre embracing.

What did you think of Heath Slater’s return to Raw?

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