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‘Eye for an eye’ match set for Extreme Rules 2020

Rey Mysterio and Kevin Owens both returned to Raw tonight (July 6), where they fought together in a tag team match against Seth Rollins and his buddy, Murphy. The winning team would get to pick the stipulation for a one-on-one match at Extreme Rules 2020 between Rollins and Mysterio.

Murphy stood out as the guy who would likely do the job here, and that’s exactly how it went down, after Dominick gauged his eyes when the referee’s back was turned.

The feud between Mysterio and Rollins has centered around Rey’s one eye being taken out by the Messiah in a vicious attack involving the steel ring steps. Naturally, Rey will now seek retribution in the form of an “Eye for an eye” match.

Mysterio said he is going to yank out Seth’s eye on The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. I guess the winner is the first man who can permanently blind his opponent?

What do you think of the “eye for an eye” stipulation, Cagesiders?

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