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Finn Bálor’s new merch is rated XXX

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WWE Shop’s Twitter

Finn Bálor is a handsome man with a body chiseled from granite. He also comes across as a smooth operator, especially when working the princely version of his character, which he rose to fame with in New Japan and recently brought back when he moved back to WWE NXT full time last year.

People want the dude, is what I’m trying to say. It’s been evidenced by some memorable signage (that’s a NSFW link, FYI) at events like TakeOver: Brooklyn, and it’s something the Irishman’s cheekily played into (that one's safer but dangit, Finn) throughout his career.

His newest shirt from WWE combines Bálor’s sex appeal with the way he replaces the “c” when he spells the world “Prince” in his gimmick - and it’s not PG.

WWE Shop

But is it cool? Or too try hard (pun semi-intended)?

Let us know what you think, and if you’re so inclined, support the Prinxe by ordering yours here.

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