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Bayley vs. Asuka, and maybe the return of Kairi Sane, set for Raw (Updated)

Bayley Dos Straps & Sasha Three Shows run will continue on Mon., July 6 when the SmackDown Women’s champ faces Raw Women’s champ Asuka in a non-title match.

It’s the latest in a string of marquee matches between the remaining NXT Horsewomen and WWE’s joshi all-stars. Like last week’s showdown between Sasha Banks & Io Shirai, it probably won’t have a clean finish. But it should be fun for however much time they’re given.

This TakeOver: Dallas rematch was set-up by the Banks/Shirai match last Wednesday, where Bayley’s interference helped Sasha escape defeat on a couple occasions, and Asuka’s directly led to Io’s win.

It also looks like it will involve Asuka’s Kabuki Warriors partner Kairi Sane. Sane hasn’t been on television since she suffered an injury while wrestling Nia Jax on the Raw that aired on June 1. A recent report indicated the Pirate Princess is on her way out of WWE, and the company had plans to use her departure in storyline to heat up Asuka’s SummerSlam program.

Could that start July 6? Can we get Kabuki Warriors vs. The Role Models first?

Join us Monday night to find out.

UPDATE: Sane has been pulled from the promotional graphic, and Friday night’s hype was the only place she was ever “mentioned” in WWE’s announcements of Bayley vs. Asuka, so...

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