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Bayley responds to Ember Moon: ‘Come do something about it’

Earlier this week, injured WWE Superstar Ember Moon was one of the folks who wasn’t crazy about Sasha Banks winning the Raw Women’s title from Asuka.

She had several critiques of the booking. One that she had in common with others who dislike the move: Moon believes having all the main roster championships around the waists of Banks and her tag partner Bayley is bad for the women’s division.

It’s that point that Bleacher Report brought to Bayley during a recent interview. The Role Model pushed back on it, and called her fellow former NXT Women’s champ out:

“That’s my first time hearing it, but I can understand the frustration on the outside. Number one, Ember Moon’s not even there and seeing everything going on. She knows how good we are, she’s been in the ring with us, she’s teamed with us. But someone’s got to do it. If not us, then who?

“Somebody’s got to take control of this division. Someone’s got to take control of the company because no one’s stepping up to the plate, and Sasha and I have been up to bat for years and years and years. We’re knocking it out of the park. Sorry, Ember Moon, but if you want to do something about it, come do something about it.”

Taunting someone who’s worried about whether or not she’ll ever be able to wrestle again is a big-time heel move, and Bayley’s in character during this interview. But she does a lot of blending of reality and kayfabe (she’s not Becky Lynch-level good at it yet, she’s pretty darn close). The braggadocio in this answer is both gimmick and rooted in fact.

This is where The Two Women Power Trip is hopefully headed, though - to putting over the person or persons who step up and pop these vainglorious baddies in their mouths. It probably won’t be Ember, but who knows? The storyline seed’s been planted.

Check out the entire Bleacher Report piece here. It’s worth a read, as the SmackDown Women’s champ talks about her defense against Nikki Cross tonight (July 31), comparisons between she & Sasha and Triple H & Stone Cold Steve Austin or Shawn Michaels, favorite & wish-list opponents, and more.

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