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WWE’s got a taping schedule all the way up to SummerSlam

It includes NXT TakeOver: Not Boston.

Post Wrestling has published WWE’s internal taping schedule for most of the next two months, up to and including Aug. 23’s SummerSlam.

John Pollock of Post says he asked about the location for SummerSlam, and was told it’s to be determined ”with the likely scenario of it being at the Performance Center” - although he writes he was unable to confirm that.

For the most part, the scheduled sticks to WWE’s recent model of shooting two episodes of one brand per day. That limits the number of performers who have to be brought in and tested. There are dates with only one show or where both the Raw and SmackDown rosters will be at the PC on the same day, such as PPV events and some go home episodes.

The schedule as includes a NXT Network event for Aug. 22. This was supposed to be TakeOver: Boston, but it’s almost certain WWE won’t be in Massachusetts for the Biggest Party of the Summer. Given the U.S.’s ongoing COVID crisis, it’s unlikely they’ll even be able to make Vince McMahon’s dream of performing in regular arena with a limited number of fans come true.

Here’s the taping schedule (next week’s NXT and SmackDown were already filmed with this week’s shows):

July 3 - Raw episodes to air July 6 & 13, along with Main Event/Raw Talk

July 15 - NXT episodes to air July 15 & 22

July 17 - SmackDown episode to air July 17, along with 205 Live

July 19 - Extreme Rules

July 20 - Raw episodes to air July 20 & 27, along with Main Event/Raw Talk

July 21 - SmackDown episodes to air July 24 & 31, along with 205 Live

July 29 - NXT episodes to air July 29 & Aug. 5

Aug. 3 - Raw episodes to air Aug. 3 & 10, along with Main Event/Raw Talk

Aug. 4 - SmackDown episodes to air Aug. 7 & 14, along with 205 Live

Aug. 12 - NXT episodes to air August 12 & 19

Aug. 17 - Raw episode to air Aug. 17, SmackDown episode to air Aug. 21, along with 205 Live/Main Event/Raw Talk

Aug. 22 - NXT TakeOver

Aug. 23 - SummerSlam

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