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Sasha Banks is the Raw women’s champion after all


At Extreme Rules, Bayley and Sasha Banks hatched a little plot that resulted in the former throwing on a referee shirt and counting the pinfall for the latter. They ran off with the Raw women’s championship, leaving Asuka in the dust.

The result didn’t stand, of course.

Instead, Stephanie McMahon ruled the two would have another match on Monday Night Raw this week, while also adding that any loss, be it DQ, count out, or otherwise, would result in the winner being deemed the rightful Raw women’s champion.

Early on, Kairi Sane ensured Bayley would not interfere in the match by running her off backstage. Asuka and Banks proceeded to go back-and-forth in a really fun slugfest that saw Banks pay tribute to her hero, Eddie Guerrero, by trying to lie, cheat, and steal her way to victory.

It worked.

Late in the match, the Titantron showed Bayley destroying Sane backstage. Asuka, who looked like she was about to put Banks in the Asuka Lock to put the match away, was conflicted. She ultimately decided to rush to the back to aid her friend. She was counted out for it.

Which means Banks really is the Raw women’s champion.

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