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Possessed Jeff Hardy wins Bar Fight with Sheamus

Jeff Hardy’s latest story arc has been all about redemption, with a heavy focus on his coming back from substance abuse issues. Sheamus has been the guy tasked with playing the villain in this story, repeatedly calling him a junkie and making clear how much Hardy has let his family down for being an addict.

It led a match on pay-per-view that saw Sheamus come out ahead, which seemed bizarre, considering. It led to another match, this one a BAR FIGHT, where the two engaged in fisticuffs at a local pub.

Get it? Because Hardy has struggled with alcohol abuse.


The match was pretty much what you would think, at least at first:

Later, Sheamus put Hardy’s head in a urinal:

Then, it got kind of weird.

Sheamus seemed poised to win when Hardy suddenly had face paint on and woke up possessed. He came off a ladder, scored the pinfall, and then whatever possessed him left his body and he walked off.

That was that.


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