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Edge & Daniel Bryan have reportedly joined the WWE writing team

That Edge and Daniel Bryan are excellent pro wrestling storytellers is obvious. The former was said to have a ton of input on his comeback program with Randy Orton, and there have been reports WWE wants to keep the latter around when he quits wrestling just to have him on the creative team.

Sounds like they decided not to wait.

According to the newest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Bryan and Edge have a lot of influence on the product already.

“Edge on Raw and Daniel Bryan on SmackDown both have significant creative influence. The term I was given is they were part of the writing teams of the respective shows right now.”

DB hasn’t been around much since the Intercontinental title tournament ended in early June, possibly because of concerns about his immune system and/or the fact wife Brie Bella is close to giving birth to their second child. Edge is out recovering from surgery to repair a triceps tear he suffered filming his Backlash match with Orton. It makes sense for WWE to use their skills in whatever way they can, especially at a time where several members of the creative team are probably Zoom-ing into the writer’s room every week.

Will they continue in these roles once they’re wrestling again? More importantly, can their input lead to better, more consistent shows?

Stay tuned.

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