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Road Dogg’s had an interesting week on social media

Brian G. James on Twitter

WWE NXT producer Brian “Road Dogg” James has never been shy about jumping online and interacting with others in the business or the general public.

This week, his Facebook and Twitter activity again caught the attention of both groups.

First, it was a political Facebook post. Under a video clip he posted of presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden designed to imply the former Vice-President is a child molester and/or suffering from dementia, James debated with followers about Americans’ choices in November. He took the pro-Donald Trump position, including on the current President’s handling of race-related issues. Which is certainly his right, just as it’s everyone else’s right to judge him for it. But it’s an interesting professional choice considering how it seems to have worked out for Jaxson Ryker. Of course James is a Hall of Famer and friend of NXT head honcho & McMahon family member Triple H, so he’s operating from a more secure position than Ryker was.

Anyway, if you don’t want to click on the link for the full post, here’s a sample of the D-O-Double G’s Facebook arguments:

James has continued the argument with fans under that tweet, but yeah... kind of gives you a sense of who Shawn Michaels might have been arguing with back in June.

And speaking of HBK, AEW’s Dax Harwood using Michaels’ birthday this past Wednesday to represent Team Bret Hart stuck in James’ craw, especially when Rusev pointed out Harwood didn’t tag Shawn in the tweet. That led to Road Dogg saying Harwood had “no guts,” and that got Dax’s FTR partner Cash Wheeler involved.

Wheeler implied James was two-faced with wrestlers backstage, among other things. Here’s that...

Pretty classy exit to that one from James, but in FTR’s defense, this isn’t the first time he’s played the “just ribbing” card after going after them online.

Anyway, like I said... interesting week on social media for the New Age Outlaw.

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