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AJ Styles says flat Earth theory is interesting; Randy Orton mocks him for it

Over three years ago, AJ Styles said there are things about flat Earth theory that make sense, and Daniel Bryan gleefully busted Styles’ chops over his gullibility to such ridiculous nonsense.

Randy Orton joined the fun this year when he claimed that AJ Styles is indeed a flat Earther, and it’s gotten to the point where Styles has taken to his Twitch stream to address the issue.

Here are his thoughts on flat Earth theory:

“Some conspiracies are just like...what? And then there’s some like, okay I get it. Yeah but what about this?”

“For instance, the whole flat Earth thing. I’m with you guys. Randy Orton likes to be a turd...I’m like, come on! There are some interesting things that come up, and I was like, wow, that’s interesting. You know? But it was never, ‘It’s flat! It’s flat! You’re gonna fall!’ It’s never been like that. Just because I said that was interesting I’m now a flat Earther? I’m like, alright then.”

“That’s the thing about theories. There’s some interesting things. That’s when I go, well, have you heard this? There’s a lot of interesting theories. You know, JFK, 9/11, like, that’s interesting, you know?”

That’s a whole lot of words to use without directly saying the phrase “I do not believe the Earth is flat.”

The Phenomenal One’s response may be characterized by some as a denial that he believes in flat Earth theory, but Randy Orton isn’t buying it:

Thank you Randy, and please keep calling AJ out every time he brings this up.

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