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Adam Cole drops F-bombs and walks off Pat McAfee’s radio show

Adam Cole was a guest on Pat McAfee’s radio show today, and the end of the interview turned into a giant mess.

McAfee suggested that Cole wasn’t in the league of Shawn Michaels. Pat also claimed that Adam’s success in NXT was mainly due to help from members of the Undisputed Era who are more talented than him. Cole didn’t appreciate the jabs and let McAfee know that his words were offensive.

“You’re being a total dick right now. And I find it so ironic, that of all people to say that I surrounded myself with really great talent and that’s the reason I succeeded, of all people you? What, a punter? You being on a team that literally did everything. You just happened to kick a football every now and then, and all of a sudden you feel like you’re really, really important. Of all people to say that to me? That I surround myself with super talented people, and that’s the only reason that I was successful? You’re a psycho.”

Cole defends his lengthy NXT championship reign as being accomplished all by himself. McAfee says that’s not true, as evidenced by all the TakeOver interference, and then takes a shot at Cole’s size. That’s when Cole knocks down the mic, darts off the couch and points his finger in McAfee’s face, hurling F-bombs in anger while shouting:

“Fuck you, Pat! Seriously, I’m sick of your shit! I come the whole way here. Take time away from my family to come to do your stupid fucking show. And you’re going to continue to disrespect me? Don’t touch me! Fuck you, McAfee! Fuck you!”

You can find this exchange around the 2:09:20 mark of Pat McAfee’s radio show on YouTube:

McAfee took to Twitter to explain that Cole will never be invited back to his radio show:

Longtime wrestling fans will recognize this whole thing as a work, especially given McAfee’s past history with NXT and Adam Cole in particular.

What are your thoughts on the angle here with Cole and McAfee?

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