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Things are already personal between Keith Lee & Karrion Kross

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The July 22 episode of NXT started with Keith Lee giving up one of his titles so that others could have an opportunities like the ones that made him. It ended with him watching the man who wants to take his remaining belt as he destroyed his “frenemy” Dominik Dijakovic.

Dijakovic got in a lot of offense during his fifteen minutes in the ring with Kross, more than Tommaso Ciampa did at TakeOver: In Your House, for sure.

But towards the end of those fifteen minutes, he found himself caught between the ring post and steps. Kross didn’t hesitate to kick the steps and crush his head/neck/shoulder area. The finish was just a technicality.

An appearance by Lee, and Dijakovic dramatically telling his respected rival not to stop the match, led to the main story beat of the main event. The champ and the newcomer locked eyes as Scarlett’s man pummeled Dijakovic with forearms, then locked in his Kross Jacket submission until the referee was forced to call for the bell.

Was this Double-D’s write-off from NXT? It would be a hell of a way to go out. It was certainly a hell of way to raise the tension between Kross & Lee. This feud is hot and they haven’t even laid a finger on one another yet.

What’s next?

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