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Let’s talk about MVP’s stable, The Hurt Business

A Montell Vontavious Porter-led stable has been talked about for months. After the July 20 episode of Raw, it seems to finally be branching out beyond just MVP & Bobby Lashley.

Maybe we shouldn’t get too excited yet. I mean, this isn’t even the first time it’s looked like Shelton Benjamin would align himself with the duo. But assuming it’s really happening, there are a few things we should discuss.

1. Are we really going with “The Hurt Business” as a name?

Presumably Impact owns the rights to MVP & Lashley’s old team name, “The Beat Down Clan.” And honestly, a faction of Black guys with clan in their name was always a little weird.

I’m torn on “The Hurt Business,” though. On the one hand, stuff like “we’re in The Hurt Business, and business is good” sounds badass. By itself the name doesn’t roll off the tongue though. So far they’ve treated it as a loose identifier, and I trust MVP to use it wisely. Let’s roll with it.

2. Will they be Nation of Domination 2.0?

WWE loves to flirt with the idea of bringing back Faarooq’s old group. They even planted a seed last night.

USA Network

Thus far, Porter and Lashley have been pretty apolitical, going the arrogant heel route they did as The Beat Down Clan in TNA* as opposed to militant activists. But The BDC also had a bunch of non-Black members, including Eric Young. Since ditching Brendan Vink & Shane Thorne (remember them?), MVP has only recruited African-Americans.

Given the indelicacy with which WWE handles most things, it would probably be best if the didn’t drop a New NOD into the current cultural landscape.

3. Did they really just lose their first match as a trio?


It was Mustafa Ali’s big return, and Porter took the pin - protecting Benjamin and Lashley for future singles and/or tag team pushes. But if it gave you flashbacks to how it looked like Zelina Vega’s group would be a force on Raw for a hot minute before they were solidified as midcard jobbers to the stars... well, we can’t blame you.

4. Who else should join?

Apollo Crews has long been mentioned as a leading candidate. We’ll see where his feud with MVP goes when his case of (checks notes) “herniated disc” clears up.

If the idea is to keep the group fully melanated, Cedric Alexander and Ricochet are also possibilities. Ali would fit if they want to do NOD 2.0, but he’s on record as not wanting to play an “evil” Muslim and it would be really unfortunate if they even asked him to.

Should they opt to keep them generic cocky bad guys, I’d vote to put Dolph Ziggler on the squad. Or he could be the Owen Hart of a new Nation. But again, fingers crossed they stay away from that.

What do you think... about any of these questions? Let us know in the comments below, and chime in with your own thoughts, predictions and queries about The Hurt Business.

* King Blueberry reminds us in the comments of this very good, very political promo MVP cut with The BDC... so they clearly were more than just general egomaniac bad guys.

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