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NXT is promising a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT tomorrow night

WWE’s YouTube channel

It’s the hottest promotional tool going!

Cookbook authors are doing it! So are expectant mothers!

Are you a wrestling veteran looking to bring back an old gimmick? Promise a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!

Want to get the boys together and act like it’s the 90s again while revealing a new show you’re booking? BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

Coming off a sound thrashing by AEW in the ratings last Wednesday, NXT is going back to the HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT well. General Manager Willian Regal will drop one on us tomorrow night (July 22).

It’s probably whatever the brand’s pre-SummerSlam WWE Network special will be called now that it can’t be called TakeOver: Boston. We shall see.

But fingers crossed Regal will share some recipes with us. And/or bring back the European title.

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