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Dolph Ziggler is getting another WWE title match

Dolph Ziggler was given every possible advantage in his WWE championship match against Drew McIntyre at Extreme Rules this past weekend. He lost. Clean. Right there in the middle of the ring.

Naturally, he’s getting another crack at it.

His appeal to McIntyre — who, admittedly, took the same approach the rest of us did by incredulously rejecting the very idea of it — was that he saw fear in the champion’s eyes and therefore he should get another chance. When that didn’t work, he offered up McIntyre getting to pick the stipulation this time.

I’m not sure why that would change Drew’s mind, but it did:

We don’t know when the match will be, and McIntyre made clear he won’t announce the stipulation until just before the bell, same as Ziggler.

Get complete Raw results and coverage of the entire show here.

Update: The match is going down next week.

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