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Title confusion and a vengeful Aleister Black advertised for Raw

There were several options for who would be the first person to go after Seth Rollins after he popped Rey Mysterio’s eye out at Extreme Rules.

Well, storyline options anyway... reports out of today’s Raw taping makes it sound like WWE’s actual personnel options are limited.

While Kevin Owens, Humberto Carrillo, and Rey’s son Dominik would all have reasons to seek vengeance on the Monday Night Messiah, it will be Aleister Black who gets the first crack.

Here’s how announced Black vs. Rollins for tonight’s show:

The Dutch Destroyer has been closely allied with Mysterio in recent weeks, fighting alongside the masked marvel and his son Dominik in the aftermath of The Monday Night Messiah’s initial assault on Mysterio’s eye. Will Black make Rollins pay for his horrific actions, or will The Monday Night Messiah’s sacrifices continue?

WWE’s also promising follow-up on the two “who’s the champ?” angles Extreme Rules gave us on Sunday night...

These segments join Randy Orton & Big Show’s Unsanctioned match on the July 20 episode.

Will Black avenge Mysterio? Will we get clear answers on who the United States and Raw Women’s champions are? Is Show getting punted in the head?

Join us tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern to find out!

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