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WWE informed us Rey Mysterio’s vision should be okay for the exact reason you thought (Updated - Possible SPOILER)

After Rey Mysterio lost his Extreme Rules “Eye For An Eye” match last night (July 19), WWE was quick to let us know that it looked like he’d be okay.

Despite a stipulation which specified Mysterio or Seth Rollins would have to extract their opponent’s eyeball to achieve victory, and a scene during the PPV where Rollins used the pointed edge of the steel steps to push Rey’s eye out of its socket... “medical experts” at the “local medical facility” are optimistic everything will be okay.

It takes WWE’s usual lack of stakes to a new level. And according to Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer, it’s happening for the reason most of figured:

“He [Mysterio] is not signed. My gut is still, as its been all along, that he will. But it has not happened yet. So that finish was because he had not signed. As I mentioned, if he doesn’t sign the obvious finish is he has to lose. If he does sign, the obvious finish is that he has to win. But the reason they gave that open-ended thing that ‘we may save his eye’ is in case he does sign, that’s their out.”

Reports that Rey had not signed on a new deal with WWE started back in May. Conventional wisdom says he’ll stick with Vince McMahon so his son Dominik can start his in-ring career with the biggest wrestling company in the world, but negotiations aren’t moving terribly fast.

Looks like there is cause for optimism among WWE management though. It explains why the entire “Eye For An Eye” match was handled the way it was. Not that you probably didn’t suss that all out on your own.

We’ll see what Rollins has to say tonight on Raw. If his stomach has settled, that is.



You’ve been warned!


PWInsider says Mysterio is at today’s taping and is “scheduled to appear on TV going forward.” So it sounds very likely that he’s re-signed (they say he went to WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut last week for a negotiating session). Equally likely is a miraculous turn around time from the whole getting-an-eyeball-popped-out-of-your-face thing.

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