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Kayla Braxton on testing positive for COVID twice & being bullied online for it

WWE’s YouTube channel

When the coronavirus outbreak at the WWE Performance Center was first coming to light at the end of last month, Kayla Braxton revealed that not only was she one of the people who’d recently tested positive, but it was her second time with COVID-19.

That led to her being attacked online. A variety of reasons were used to justify the negative comments directed at Braxton, but they all boil down to the people doing the attacking being dicks. Apparently, the bullying resumed when Kayla returned as a backstage interviewer over the past few days.

So she issued a statement on the whole affair to her recently re-activated Twitter:

“Setting the record straight because some of you have been super unkind: I tested positive for COVID late March. I notified my company and I left and quarantined for 4 weeks. I then was released and tested negative. I still wore a mask and took all necessary precautions but the once again, I tested positive a month later. This time I had no symptoms but still, I left work and self quarantined for 14 days. Last night you were all tweeting super insensitive things regarding my health. A couple of you even said you thought I had died and maybe that woulda been for the best. Guys. This isn’t okay.

“When I said don’t be stupid like me I meant, don’t make the same mistake by thinking you can’t test positive twice. I did everything I could. And this can happen to you. Moral to the story is: stop bullying people online, especially for something that concerns health. It’s so gross and you should be embarrassed. Let’s all be better. This is a hard time for everyone and we’re experiencing a state of the world we’ve never experienced before. Build each other up. Help people. Just be good to people. And to all of you who have lent your support, I’ve seen you. And thank you. We need more people like you.”

Look, from the reports I’ve seen, the jury is still out on COVID immunity. But even if you doubt one person can contract the virus multiple times, why on earth would you insult or threaten someone saying that’s what they think happened to them?

No one online knows what precautions Braxton took after her initial diagnosis, so attacking her there makes no sense either... and that’s before we even get into the fact that, as Johns Oliver and Cena recently reminded us, shaming people doesn’t get them to change their minds or behaviors.

TLDR: Don’t be a dick. And glad you’re doing okay, Kayla.

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