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Drew McIntyre warns Conor McGregor to stay away from pro wrestling

I don’t think Drew McIntyre is a fan of all these MMA stars who think they can make it in pro wrestling.

Conor McGregor’s brand recently posted a picture on Instagram of the UFC star with two championships draped over his shoulders, with one being the UFC championship, and the other being the WWE championship. They used this photo to tease a fight between Conor McGregor and Vince McMahon.

The current WWE champion, Drew McIntyre, didn’t appreciate the notion that Conor can just walk into his world and take his title, so he shut that idea down with some juicy trash talk on Twitter:

It turns out that McTapper can’t even handle Vince McMahon in a fight, according to the champ.

Which match would you rather see in WWE: McGregor vs. McMahon, or McGregor vs. McIntyre?

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