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Ember Moon might need another surgery for her career-threatening injury

Ember Moon injured her Achilles tendon last September, and she’s been out of action since. She provided an update on her recovery last month, and acknowledged that she may have a career-ending injury.

Moon recently spoke with and provided new details on her status. She first explained that she may have been wrestling for two months with a damaged tendon:

“What actually happened is that [my Achilles tendon] got split in half and then it also got torn off the bone. So I actually ruptured my Achilles in two places, and the surgeon thinks that I may have been wrestling on it for probably about two months already torn to some extent, and I just didn’t feel the pain because I have kind of a high pain tolerance.”

Ember explains that her surgeons have only seen two other instances of this specific injury, and the recovery times in those cases were 20 months and 30 months, respectively. She considers it a win if she can return within two years, but at this point it’s far too early to have a timetable. It didn’t help that the coronavirus pandemic negatively impacted her physical therapy schedule.

The reality is that she might require a second surgery:

“I’m sitting here and I’m fighting a second surgery. I’m fighting against the second surgery. That’s how bad it is. When I went on Backstage and I said, ‘I don’t know if I’m ever going to wrestle again,’ I meant what I said and I, I stand by that.”

Even in the face of these terrible circumstances, Moon is trying to keep her spirits up:

“I just feel like I worked so hard - no one helped me get anywhere, no one put a foot in the door for me. I don’t have a legacy, I don’t have a last name, but I have me and my work ethic. I have me and my passion and that’s always been enough. It’s going to be tested and I think when I do get back, when I do get cleared, all of this will be just another stepping stone on my path to greatness.”

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