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Sheamus clears up the story of Yoshi Tatsu knocking him out

Sheamus was this week’s guest on Corey Graves’ After the Bell podcast. He discussed his early push in WWE, and how it led to backlash and resentment from others.

To illustrate this point, he discussed the story that has gone around for years about how he was knocked out by Yoshi Tatsu. Sheamus denies that it ever happened:

“There’s a story going around, this legendary story about me and Yoshi Tatsu. This doesn’t come up until I won the title [in 2009]. This is how I knew people were really trying to stick daggers in me. Me and Ted DiBiase Jr. were sharing an apartment. Yoshi had just come over from New Japan, and basically the guy he was supposed to stay with left him high and dry. So we took Yoshi into our apartment. We actually took him in. Ted slept on the couch, and he took Ted’s room. We didn’t really know this fella, but everyone seemed to like him...But he wasn’t paying for any bills. He wasn’t paying for any bills, any water, any cable, any gas, any of that stuff...”

“We had a couple little conflicts, whatever. And then, it kinda boiled over one time. We had a bit of a shoving thing. He’d try to slap at me, and I’d try to slap at lasted about 60 seconds. It was just a couple of chokes and stuff, and slaps, and that was it. We got over it, we all worked it out. All of a sudden then, after the TLC [2009] match, when I became WWE champion, all these stories are going around that Yoshi Tatsu knocked me out. I was just like, what? Where did this come from? It was this thing that never happened and then was blown out of proportion.”

“When I wasn’t there, Drew caught [Yoshi] once or twice going along with the story...I confronted him about it, and he was like, “No, no I never said that.” But it was just this thing that got blown out. That’s when I knew there’s certain people out to get me.”

There were also rumors around 2010 that Sheamus’ push was a result of being workout buddies with Triple H. The Celtic Warrior says that story is similarly overblown, and is more evidence that people were putting nonsense out there to try to make him look bad because they were upset that he got such a big push that early in his career.

That’s Sheamus’ story, and he’s sticking to it. What do you make of the whole thing?

You can check out the full podcast to hear Sheamus’ thoughts on his current storyline with Jeff Hardy, cool heels, the end of The Bar, and more.

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