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WWE Extreme Rules 2020 results: Bayley counts three for Sasha to (maybe) become Raw Women’s champ

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They had to follow a fake eyeball and vomit, but if anyone would be up to that challenge, it would be Sasha Banks & Asuka.

Each brought their tag partner to the Raw Women’s title fight, which was smart seeing as Banks helped Bayley retain her SmackDown Women’s championship earlier in the night at Extreme Rules. In the early going, neither Kairi Sane nor the Role Model got involved as The Boss and The Empress went move-for-move and hold-for-hold.

Banks targeted the champ’s fingers with stomps and arms with stretches, looking to take away Asuka’s submission game.

But when The Boss talked too much trash, the Japanese Superstar’s striking game got her back in the contest. A lungblower from the middle rope looked to give The Empress the upper-hand (pun semi-intended)...

...but it wasn’t long until Sasha powerbombed her into the plexiglass. Back in the ring, a Frog Splash set-up the Banks Statement, but Asuka reached the ropes to force a break.

Big German suplexes put The Boss on the brink, but a match that lived up to the hype (at least for most of its duration) wasn’t done yet.

Sasha fought off one superplex, but took another... but flipped and landed on her feet. Her knee appeared to give out on her follow-up maneuver, though. She refused the referee’s help, and eventually tapped to an Asuka Lock - but Bayley had the ref’s attention at the time.

A whole lot of stuff happened at the end, and it’ll take some time to sort it all out. The main beat was that Asuka went for Green Mist, but Sasha evaded and the ref took it right in the face. Bayley ended up ripping the shirt off the official’s back, put it on, and counted three.

We’ve got a Two Women Power Trip! Kind of.

The announcers played up confusion about what happened, and Asuka fumed. So I’d assume Sasha’s only #2BeltzBanks until they announce a rematch for tomorrow night’s Raw.

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