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WWE Extreme Rules 2020 results: Seth Rollins wins Eye for an Eye match, vomits all over the place

When Seth Rollins originally injured Rey Mysterio’s eye on television some time ago, it was reportedly a way to write Mysterio off WWE television. His contract was up and it appeared he would leaving the company.

Instead, he’s stuck around, and the two have continued a deeply personal feud, one that has involved multiple wrestlers, and even Rey’s son Dominik. The focus has continued to be on Mysterio’s eye. It’s ultimately brought us to tonight (Sun., July 19, 2020), to the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, to Extreme Rules.

And the first ever EYE FOR AN EYE match. That’s right, folks, the entire object of the match, and the only way to win, would be for one competitor to extract an eye from the other’s head. Before ever getting the match going, we started with this:

Whatever match they would have — and it was actually pretty fun, considering the stipulation — was always going to be secondary to what the finish would be. How the hell would WWE book its way out of this one?

Answer: After a back-and-forth battle, Rollins did like before and drove Mysterio’s eye into the corner of the steps ringside. “It’s out,” Samoa Joe remarked on commentary as Rey writhed in pain calling for help. Rollins, who apparently saw something awful, presumably Rey’s eye, vomited.

Mysterio was tended to and taken away.

Rollins wins?

This sucked.

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