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WWE Extreme Rules 2020 results: The Fiend emerged at the end of a meandering Swamp Fight

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After being hyped throughout the night - including with a black-and-white trip to the Firelfy Fun House that seemed like it three months too early - Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman’s non-title Swamp Fight was the main event of July 19’s Extreme Rules PPV.

Braun rolled up in his truck, where Bray was waiting in his rocking chair.

After the Universal champ declared he was “home”, the lights went out and the cult leader disappeared. Strowman smashed the rocker, but was distracted by things like a rampaging boar, and repeatedly attacked out of nowhere by his opponent. Even a cheer from Fun House Bray couldn’t help him... especially when his Black Sheep-masked self time-traveled to attack him with a shovel and chain him to a rocking chair in Wyatt’s cabin.

There, the cult leader delivered a sermon to his former follower. In order to get Braun to become the monster he’s meant to be, he needed to destroy the monster he’s become.

Sister Abigail (I think) showed up with a snake, then Strowman got free.

He was attacked by men in black (but not Akira Tozawa’s men in black). He fought them off, and one of them fell into a fire, then ran off in flames. The next distraction was Alexa Bliss, invoking a little Mixed Match Challenge kayfabe. A spectral version of Lil Miss Bliss promised Braun they could be together, which slowed the champ down long enough to be attacked by the Eater of Worlds again.

Bray beat Strowman senseless with what looked like an axe handle, then wailed “look what you made me do?” Braun got back up, the two shared a laugh, and the champ threw his old mentor into the swamp. We got a slasher flick fake-out where the end credits logo appeared on screen, but after a couple fadeouts, Bray’s hand rose up and gripped Braun in the Mandible Claw. Both men went into the water, which then swirled red.

The Fiend arose, implored us to “let him in,” and the show ended for good.

Not sure what to make of it all, honestly. Mostly, it seems to confirm what we all thought it was leading to anyway - The Fiend vs. Strowman for the Universal title at SummerSlam.

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