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Fans and wrestlers are rising up to say Naomi Deserves Better

On SmackDown last night (July 17), Lacey Evans beat Naomi in a short match that was set up by last Friday’s very-not-good karaoke segment.

Naomi was protected somewhat because Evans cheated to win. But it was still a loss - taken by a former champion who has consistently remained over despite not even being booked to appear on television for long stretches, to someone WWE has repeatedly given prime booking spots in attempts to get her over.

Fans noticed, and #NaomiDeservesBetter has been trending on Twitter ever since.

It’s also drawn support from within the industry, including from one of WWE’s biggest stars.

The woman herself has noticed, and appreciates the support.

Will it make a difference? Naomi’s been the focus of this kind of online action in the past, and it really hasn’t. But if WWE responds to anything, it’s pressure from sponsors and trending hashtags.

We’ll see what happens. Hopefully something positive, because the hashtag doesn’t lie.

Naomi does deserve better.

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