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MVP has become an MVP of the pandemic era

Apollo Crews (c) vs. MVP

United States championship match

MVP’s WWE return has been a rollercoaster.

When MVP returned at the Royal Rumble this year, it seemed like just a cool legends spot in the Rumble that we get every year. Then, the next night he had a match with Rey Mysterio he lost and that was meant as a retirement match, one last match that his son could watch. But then ran a mini angle with Drew McIntyre, who he used to work with in TNA, and it seemed like he wanted to help build up his friend on his way out. Then we got word he may stick around in a producer role. But now he’s an active talent/manager.

And you know what? Who cares how we got here because he’s been fantastic.

Montel Vontavious Porter is the perfect character for the pandemic era of WWE. Much of that is because he’s a great talker and a great character. Without a real crowd, wrestlers with a great work rate but less personality haven’t been able to find their groove. It’s the wrestlers with strong characters, charismatic men and women who can entertain on the microphone, that have been able to standout.

MVP fits that description. And he’s been delivering while working with other talent. It’s not just about him. He’s being used to elevate current talent. Bobby Lashley is one. MVP is serving as Bobby’s needed mouthpiece. He’s working with Apollo Crews. He’s working with Cedric Alexander and Ricochet.

That’s why I have no problem with MVP feuding for, and possible winning, a secondary title.

The story is simple. Apollo refused MVP’s advances to become his manager. Because of that Porter targeted Apollo and his title. First he had veteran Shelton Benjamin try to take the belt from Crews, but Shelton failed two weeks in a row.

Then, with Lashley acting as a distraction, MVP defeated Apollo in a non-title match. And you know how it goes in WWE. Beat the champ non-title to get a championship match.

MVP soon started calling himself the real US champion while Apollo was out for a few weeks. That’s how they unveiled their new United States championship. MVP debuted it as his version of the gold. Though that means that if Apollo wins, he needs to find a reason to walk out with the new title. That or this telegraphs an MVP win. Or maybe they’ll just say Apollo left his title in a Longhorn Steakhouse and use MVP’s. Who knows?

Given Apollo hasn’t been on TV in a couple weeks, they used Cedric Alexander and Ricochet as his proxy. They established their friendship briefly in a backstage segment so Ced and Ric stepped in for him the last couple weeks. They lost all their interactions with MVP and Lashley.

Tomorrow night, we’ll see if WWE gives MVP the United States title to help anchor the midcard, and perhaps leave Crews as a victim of being a Paul Heyman favored guy, or if Crews is able to fend off the veteran. Win or lose, MVP will still have a good spot given how valuable he’s become.

MVP will try to win Apollo Crews’ United States title (or retain his own?) at the Horror Show at Extreme Rules PPV, airing on the WWE Networking starting at 7 PM ET. And keep it here to for all your Extreme Rules coverage.


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