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How the hell are they going to book this?

This is not what Hammurabi had in mind.

Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio

An Eye for an Eye match

Of all the matches at tomorrow’s Horror Show at Extreme Rules pay-per-view (PPV), none carry the intrigue that Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio’s Eye for an Eye match does.

Not because of the story, though it’s been a good story, but because of the ridiculous stipulation. In this case, Eye for an Eye is literal. It’s not some cutesy name for a Street Fight or a Falls Count Anywhere match. The way to win is to gouge out the eye of your opponent.

And honestly, even the stipulation itself fits the blood match story they’re telling. But pulling it off is going to be very very difficult. First, let’s take a quick look at the story that earned this stip.

Seth Rollins is the Monday Night Messiah. He’s a delusional man who thinks he’s a deity. But in reality, he’s a charismatic cult leader who can convince broken men to join his ranks and do his bidding.

He had issues with Rey Mysterio coming into Raw on May 11, but that was the night it went to the next level. A night after a championship loss to Drew McIntyre, Rollins was a distraught mess. He teamed with his disciple Buddy Murphy to take on Aleister Black and Rey Mysterio (who had the bond of both being tossed off WWE Headquarters the night before).

The match ended in disqualification, but after the match, Rollins pressed Mysterio’s right eye into the corner of the steels steps in a brutal act of cruelty.

Somehow this act of violence rejuvenated Rollins. In fact, he claimed that sacrificing Mysterio’s eye was necessary to continue his mission.

A month later, Mysterio gave an update from home alongside his son Dominik. Wearing a mask that completely covered his injured eye, he expressed that he’d never be able to forgive Seth. But his son was angrier, claiming that this would be an eye for an eye.

That fire from the younger Mysterio would lead him to defy his father and travel to Raw alone to confront Seth Rollins and his disciples, now including Austin Theory. He employed a strike and move approach, making his attack and escaping through the crowd. All while his father watched helpless via satellite.

Weeks later, Seth and his cronies were able to grab Dominik and try to take his eye the same way they did his father, while forcing Rey to watch. Luckily, Humberto Carrillo made the save. But that was likely on the elder Mysterio’s mind when he and Kevin Owens defeated Seth and Buddy to win the right for Rey to choose the stipulation.

That’s when he chose his Eye for an Eye match.

It all makes sense. It’s the story of a delusional man who thinks he’s some leader of men targeting another man’s family after he brutally blinded him. The stipulation would fit this if it were a movie. The level of brutality and animosity in this program has actually earned such a violent stipulation.

But in wrestling, it’s difficult to see a situation where they pull it off successfully.

The rumor is they are going to use some CGI to give us the eye gouging moment. But if it’s anything like the Augmented Realty graphics that WWE plays with, it’s going to be lame. Maybe they can use angles to just avoid showing us the real nasty stuff.

And then what? Is Rey completely blinded, maybe serving to write him off since word has it he’s not working under a contract right now. Maybe Dominik betrays him and he sticks around as a disciple of Seth. Or is Seth Rollins going to emulate his former Shield mate Jon Moxley and wrestle in an eye patch?

Either way, portraying the ending of this match has a high likelihood of coming off lame or cheesy. Which is a shame because the feud itself has been a well told, rather well paced story about a man out for revenge against a dangerous false prophet.

Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio will try to gouge each other’s eye out tomorrow night at the Horror Show at Extreme Rules PPV, airing on the WWE Networking starting at 7 PM ET. And keep it here to for all your Extreme Rules coverage.


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