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I desperately need context for this photo

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Natalya posted this “Flashback Friday” photo earlier today (July 17) in a tweet that read “I’ll slap a sharpshooter on you anywhere I want to Bayley!!”

I have questions.

  1. When was this? Bayley’s still a hugger, and Matt Hardy & Ronda Rousey are there, so somewhere between Royal Rumble 2018 and pre-WrestleMania 35. But I can’t get more specific than that.
  2. Are Sasha and Ronda doing a YES! chant?
  3. Why is The Boss rooting against her best friend?
  4. What’s Matt starring at?
  5. Is Braun Strowman wearing Crocs?
  6. Does Dan Engler have a purpose here? Why is he also so happy to see Bayley getting stretched?

Sure, it’s likely some combination of killing time backstage by goofing around, and training or sharing techniques.

But it’s more fun to let your imagination run wild. So do it.

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